Apple iPod Nano portable mp3 music player

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Name everything you like about the iPod, then you let it shrink a few times. This will result into an iPod Nano, the new design portable iPod, as thin as a pencil.

They are available in 2gb format (500 songs) and 4gb format (1000 songs), available in the colors black, white and pink. The Nano also lets you put images and play games.


One has 14 hours listening-pleasure with this little gadget, after which the battery of the Nano needs to be recharged to extend its life. The display shows the colour of the album you’re listening to, and it even shows your own pictures. People complain the most about the fact that the case is easily damaged by scrapes. This is a good reason to buy a special cover or skin for the Nano, to protect it from scratches and avoid these problems. If you buy an iPod, you will get a free cover and there is a plastic cover on top of the Nano itself. As long as you don’t take the plastic off, the Nano will stay just as perfect. The iPod Nano comes with many other accessories, like speakers (speaker docks), headphones, leather ipod cases, armbands, car adapters, fm transmitters (iTrip), waterproof cases, and separate chargers.

Besides the scratches, there are no further complaints about the iPod nano. It doesn’t seem to get broken that easily, this has been tested in the most weird manners you can think of. A couple of these tests were: throwing it out of the window and let it run over by a car. As for a few scratches on the Nano, the iPod was still working and playing it’s mp3’s! With the iPod Video is, as the name suggests, you can put your videos, besides music and photos.

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    1. Lizzy says,

      July 17, 2006 on 6:55 pm

      I heard you can als play video’s on the nano, is there anybody with experience with this video watching. Let me know…



    2. lila says,

      October 7, 2007 on 10:04 am

      yeah everything you heard is true my cuz got one you could down load videos n games but da games r already downlloaded on it already

    3. lila says,

      October 7, 2007 on 10:05 am

      lizzy reply to me so i can tell you bout it peace out

    4. lila says,

      October 7, 2007 on 11:58 am

      im bak i want dat fone now

    5. Kelly Cristina Alves Ferreira Félix says,

      October 17, 2008 on 8:23 am

      Essa história eu não posso deixar de falar porque no mundo existe pessoas que podemos confiar e muitas que devemos iguinorar.

    6. Shiloh says,

      January 7, 2010 on 2:21 pm


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