How to look like a model !

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Looking like a classy model is more than just a walk on the catwalk. You need to have a aura of attraction.

It is not an easy task to mantain your figure like an model. You don’t need to starve yourself out, being very thin is not beautifull! You need to exercise and eat healthy food to have the best figure you can possibly have. Also you need to have a good haircut, one that looks good with your face structure. Take good care of your hair. Wear clothing that looks good with your particular figure. Every woman has a different figure.

If you smile like an model, dont create a fake smile. Laugh for real! Make up can do wonders, but don’t go overboard with to much colours; for instance when you wear a deep red lipstick, don’t paint your eyelashes sparkly blue.. Take care of your personal hygiene…as an model you must smell fresh and look fresh. your feet and hands need to be in perfect conditions, you never know when you wear those open sandals.

To soften your skin, and to look like a model you need to have soft skin, exfoliate your skin once a week.

Try to keep your teeth as white and fresh as possible, try the whitening products for your teeth. Don’t smoke , this will make your teeth yellow in no time!

Be on top of the latest fashion trends, that’s  just a must if you want to look like model. Don’t use a lot of foundation, and try to moisturize your skin as much as possible. A breeze of fresh air helps your skin to maintain it’s good condition.

Believe in yourself and be happy with your looks!

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    1. Uruwah says,

      January 3, 2011 on 1:57 pm

      I like to be a model but am weighing 100kg i dont know how to reduce

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