Movie 50 shades of grey: Christian Grey

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50 shades of grey, the books, seem to be really succesfull to female readers. The thrilogy swept so many women of their feet as they fell in love with the lead figure Christian Grey, a young man who makes his girfriend Anastasia crazy about him.
Rumour has it that a movie will follow the succes of the trilogy. The big question mark is: Which actor will make a perfect Mr. Grey, who is fit enough to stand in his shoes?
Not only does the movie needs a handsome face and body but this man needs to know how to act!
Some say Mat Bomer will make a good Christian Grey others say Robert Pattinson will fit the role like a glove..
Who will become a great Ana? Some hope to see Emma Watson for this part, while many don’t want to see Kristin Stewart in this role…
Many women think that Angelina Jolie will make a great Mrs. Robinson, others think that Kim Catrall wil be just fine for the part. There is much speculation, were just very curious and happy that there will be a 50 shades of Grey movie, we can’t wait!

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    1. Kathy says,

      October 19, 2012 on 6:36 pm

      I love Matt Bomer! Love Christian Grey, love the books!!!

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