Louboutin cake 

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Is it almost your birthday and you love shoes, especially Louboutins? Order yourself a fabulous Louboutin cake! With this piece of art every birthday is great! 

The Best Michael Jackson App for iTunes/Android: PlanetMJ

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michaeljacksonmoon 3Check out all the places worldwide where MJ donated charity and visit all the places MJ visited worldwide! Get the app PlanetMJ for Android/iTunes



Get the best MJ app out there, this is a fan made app for MJ fans, the makers have worked 1,5 year on this App, the app PlanetMJ reflects on the charity MJ has given worldwide and shows the exact loactions in streetview with info on it! This incredible MJ App features also the Jackson 5 days untill the last days of MJ in 2009. It’s your own handy MJ compass! When you purchase the App, a part of it will go to charity in name of Michael Jackson, the way he would have wanted it!

PlanetMJ, get the App today and enjoy it Moonwalkers!


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The must have black Louboutin shoes

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louboutinThe one pair must have heels are the black louboutin heels. You do have to save some but it’s  definitely worth it! The sleek shoes will enhance your feet on any occasion. You can wear the Louboutin shoes with a skirt or with trousers. For a classy look, go Louboutin!


The best Michael Jackson App: PlanetMJ in iTunes

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Mihael Jackson has moonwalked all over the world, from the age of 5 he toured everywhere, stayed in numerous hotels worldwide, visited many many stores and interacted with his loyal fans worldwide.

All these locations are amazingly bundled in one App! Just with the touch of your fingertips you swipe from one Michael Jackson location to the other and you will see beautifull streetviews. Check out Michael Jackson’s favourite things!

You experience a journey in Michael’s footsteps and maybe it will give you the opportunity to travel to these Michael Jackson locations.


Just download the Michael Jackson App : PlanetMJ in iTunes-soon for Android!


The best Michael Jackson App in the world

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Brace yourselves MJ fans, there is a new MJ Appp out there, the best, MJ worthy, state of the art and everything a MJ fan looks for!


This MJ App shows all the locations in the world where Michael Jackson set foot on, the millions od dollars MJ spent on charity worldwide, all of his concert locations, Michael jackson’s favourite things, his hotel locations worldwide. Best of all the App locates your location and easily you see spots where MJ was nearby your neighbourhood. Imagine the benefit of this App when you travel aroound the world where you can always track Michael Jackson spots everywhere you are. Enjoy the streetviews in 3D and moonwalk behind MJ to all his locations.

A large percentage of app proceedings will be donated to deprived children and animals worldwide.

This app is named PlanetMJ and is to be found in iTunes for iPhone and iPad. PlanetMj is soon to be released for Android.


You want this App for free and you own a MJ twitter page, facebookpage, website, Instagram or Pininterest please contact us and we will tell you how to get this MJ App planetMJ for free!

Movie 50 shades of grey: Christian Grey

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50 shades of grey, the books, seem to be really succesfull to female readers. The thrilogy swept so many women of their feet as they fell in love with the lead figure Christian Grey, a young man who makes his girfriend Anastasia crazy about him.
Rumour has it that a movie will follow the succes of the trilogy. The big question mark is: Which actor will make a perfect Mr. Grey, who is fit enough to stand in his shoes?
Not only does the movie needs a handsome face and body but this man needs to know how to act!
Some say Mat Bomer will make a good Christian Grey others say Robert Pattinson will fit the role like a glove..
Who will become a great Ana? Some hope to see Emma Watson for this part, while many don’t want to see Kristin Stewart in this role…
Many women think that Angelina Jolie will make a great Mrs. Robinson, others think that Kim Catrall wil be just fine for the part. There is much speculation, were just very curious and happy that there will be a 50 shades of Grey movie, we can’t wait!

Katy Perry is Firework

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Katy Perry is an artist from a new generation, who was inspired by gospel songs. She became famous for songs like I kissed a girl and Firework. The song Firework was used in many shows and series.

Katy had the honour to perform as one of the main artists on the annual Victoria Secret 2010 show. Katy will appear in the upcoming movie The Smurfs and she wil make a tour. Katy is currently in a relationship with actor Russel Brand.

Whitney Port, the New York Girl !

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Whitney Port has it all, a fabulous job as an upcoming designer in the big apple, New York City!

She owns a cute appartment  West Village and decorated it herself, her appartment is totally Whitney !

Whitney works for fashion revolution and owns her own line, which is sophisticated and sexy at the same time!

If you like New York, the fashion industry and love affairs, follow this IT girl on MTV, The City ! The City is a real life soap following young ladies on their fashion career in the Big apple. Whitney Port is a New York girl without a doubt.

How to look like a model !

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Looking like a classy model is more than just a walk on the catwalk. You need to have a aura of attraction.

It is not an easy task to mantain your figure like an model. You don’t need to starve yourself out, being very thin is not beautifull! You need to exercise and eat healthy food to have the best figure you can possibly have. Also you need to have a good haircut, one that looks good with your face structure. Take good care of your hair. Wear clothing that looks good with your particular figure. Every woman has a different figure.

If you smile like an model, dont create a fake smile. Laugh for real! Make up can do wonders, but don’t go overboard with to much colours; for instance when you wear a deep red lipstick, don’t paint your eyelashes sparkly blue.. Take care of your personal hygiene…as an model you must smell fresh and look fresh. your feet and hands need to be in perfect conditions, you never know when you wear those open sandals.

To soften your skin, and to look like a model you need to have soft skin, exfoliate your skin once a week.

Try to keep your teeth as white and fresh as possible, try the whitening products for your teeth. Don’t smoke , this will make your teeth yellow in no time!

Be on top of the latest fashion trends, that’s  just a must if you want to look like model. Don’t use a lot of foundation, and try to moisturize your skin as much as possible. A breeze of fresh air helps your skin to maintain it’s good condition.

Believe in yourself and be happy with your looks!

lauren Conrad , fashion guru!

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Former The Hills star Lauren Conrad has launched a book about styling and fashion. lauren says that the book helps women to style their clothes and look good on a daily basis. Lauren loves fashion herself.

She loves designer bags and is not a shamed to carry her new bought it -bag with her for months. A lot of celebrities only wear their bags once and then they buy another one!

Lauren is proud and happy to work on fashion as she loves it . She looks good every single day which enspired her to write a book to help others to look good as well!

The Diary of Stewardess Mischa

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Hi Everybody

Ik work as an stewardess for an big airline with intercontinental flights. I just came back from my flight form Bangkok. The flight was fine, the passengers weren’t to annoying. As I work for an Dutch airline i flew from Amsterdam to Bankok. We Stayed in Thailand for an week after we flew back to Amsterdam schiphol airport. Me and mij co-workers went shopping in Thailand and als went sightseeing. There are beautifull temples over there. A week isn’t enough, so I m thinking to go on a holiday there. On the stretch bangkok-amsterdam there were 3 babies and one of them cried a lot. So we helped the mother with trying to calm him down. The mother told us that he had troubles with his ears, then I thought wy do you bring a little baby with ear problems on such a long flight? But soon the baby fell asleep and a long with him all the other passengers. As an flight attendant you have to walk a lot in the plane and prepare breakfast 3 hours before landing. This procedure also went smoothly. We had a pretty good flight and now Im back home and enjoying a break of one week. Do you want to become an stewardess and you want to know what it’s like, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer all your questions!

Take care, Mischa

Gossip Girl your favourite serie

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Gossip Girl is one of the latest series shown on tv. The makers of the OC, the Fresh Prince and the Nine made a new special great serie, especially girls will like it! This serie involves romance, good looking boys, parents, relation problems and lot’s off gossip. Gossip girl will be worth to watch!

I’m not a plastic bag ; shopping bag or it-bag?

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I’m not a plastic bag was originally made to be a regular shopping bag,designed by the designer in bag land Anya Hindmarch. Originally this bag was worth five pounds, but as soon as they were a big succes at the box office, the fare of these bags were leveled up to more then 100 pounds. The bag made a huge fashion statement and now celebrities flunk with these Im not a plastic bag items.


Juicy Couture handbags

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The Juicy Couture handbags are very hot! These bags not only look cute , but they come in handy also. Some are that big that a bottle of water fits in them. Most of the latest models Juicy Couture handbags have a little mirror shaped like a heart. We just love these cute bags ; they come in almost every colour and are true eye-catchers!

Toe rings are beautifull

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Take a treat for yourself and buy yourself a luxurious toe ring. As the summer is comming up fast you have to show your feet more often in pretty open shoes; therefore toe rings look good ! A toe ring is simmilar to lingerie for your feet; not only it makes your feet look sexy but it is elegant as well. You can even buy toe rings with a diamond in them. Personalize your toes with precious toe rings!