The Gideon Luxury Six-Program Fully Customizable Back and Neck massaging cushion

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One of the the best back and neck massaging cushions out there is the Gideon Luxury Six-Program Fully Customizable Back and Neck massaging cushion.


We at oopshi tried it and it really means a difference. Especially people with back problems and aching necks will favour the Gideon massage cushion. The massage cushion is not only a life saving product for yourself, but also for your loved ones. So, it can be a welcome gift. The feeling of this Gideon massage cushion is as if a person massages your back. It’s pretty amazing. In the end it benefits your health, because great massages are great for your nerve system. So don’t wait any longer and get yourself and/or your loved ones this Gideon Back and Neck massage cushion. Your back will thank you ;-)

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The Best Michael Jackson App for iTunes/Android: PlanetMJ

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michaeljacksonmoon 3Check out all the places worldwide where MJ donated charity and visit all the places MJ visited worldwide! Get the app PlanetMJ for Android/iTunes


Get the best MJ app out there, this is a fan made app for MJ fans, the makers have worked 1,5 year on this App, the app PlanetMJ reflects on the charity MJ has given worldwide and shows the exact loactions in streetview with info on it! This incredible MJ App features also the Jackson 5 days untill the last days of MJ in 2009. It’s your own handy MJ compass! When you purchase the App, a part of it will go to charity in name of Michael Jackson, the way he would have wanted it!

PlanetMJ, get the App today and enjoy it Moonwalkers! 2

The best Michael Jackson App: PlanetMJ in iTunes

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Mihael Jackson has moonwalked all over the world, from the age of 5 he toured everywhere, stayed in numerous hotels worldwide, visited many many stores and interacted with his loyal fans worldwide.

All these locations are amazingly bundled in one App! Just with the touch of your fingertips you swipe from one Michael Jackson location to the other and you will see beautifull streetviews. Check out Michael Jackson’s favourite things!

You experience a journey in Michael’s footsteps and maybe it will give you the opportunity to travel to these Michael Jackson locations.


Just download the Michael Jackson App : PlanetMJ in iTunes-soon for Android!


The best Michael Jackson App in the world

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Brace yourselves MJ fans, there is a new MJ Appp out there, the best, MJ worthy, state of the art and everything a MJ fan looks for!


This MJ App shows all the locations in the world where Michael Jackson set foot on, the millions od dollars MJ spent on charity worldwide, all of his concert locations, Michael jackson’s favourite things, his hotel locations worldwide. Best of all the App locates your location and easily you see spots where MJ was nearby your neighbourhood. Imagine the benefit of this App when you travel aroound the world where you can always track Michael Jackson spots everywhere you are. Enjoy the streetviews in 3D and moonwalk behind MJ to all his locations.

A large percentage of app proceedings will be donated to deprived children and animals worldwide.

This app is named PlanetMJ and is to be found in iTunes for iPhone and iPad. PlanetMj is soon to be released for Android.

You want this App for free and you own a MJ twitter page, facebookpage, website, Instagram or Pininterest please contact us and we will tell you how to get this MJ App planetMJ for free!

iPhone 5 and iPad 2

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Rumour has it that the new iPhone 5 will be launched in april 2011. This iPhone 5 will have a new A5-CPU technology, the buzz goes that the home button will be cut off. They say that the new model will have an entire new and different look then the previous one. Senior staff from Apple is testing this new model as we speak. Apple wants to be sure that the iPhone 5 will not have defects before it will be released.

The new iPad 2 is said to be released summer 2011. This iPad will have a higher resolution than the previous iPad, but there will be no USB port as many expected the iPad to have. It will feature a new A5 processor..

Pentax Optio 8.1 megapixel compact camera

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The Pentax Optio 8.1 megapixel compact camera is a very interesting camera! With the summer comming up, you definetly want to take beautifull pictures. Therefore you need a good equipped camera. The Pentax Optio 8.1 will be a good choice;this camera automatically adjust exposure settings for your shots, difficult shots will look a lot clearer! On the 2.4 inch screen you can preview your photo. With the 8.1 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom your snapshots will become an easy task. Furthermore this Pentax camera looks modern and beautifull!


Get help with cleaning with the robomop

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robomop oopshi com.jpg
Time is something we don’t have nowadays. You work all day long, then you go to the gym and you end up with a diner outside. Finally when you come home your so tired you just want to rest. But your house looks a mess, not only that; there’s a lot of dust. So what to do in this situation? Take some help with cleaning your house with the robomop. The robomop cleans your floor in less then an hour. In the meantime you can take a long hot bath. The only thing you have to do is throw away the tissue filled with dust.

The pink Sony psp limited edition

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pink PSP oopshi com.jpg

The pink PSP is absolutely fabulous. The pink PSP is not only meant for games, but also for videos. With this pink PSP you surely will turn heads. There is a lot of video material which can be obtained with downloads, once you have done this you can put the videos on your cute PSP. With the pink PSP limited edion goes a white headphone, memory stick duo 32 MB, white cover and the UMD of singer Pink. For more information you can look on the following site.

pink cell phones

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pink nokia oopshi com.jpg

Pink cell phones are very hot nowadays. The colour pink is a very romantic, fairy-like and sweet colour. Most women liked the colour pink when they were experiencing childhood and they still do. The mobile phone is a gadget that everybody has, so when women can buy it in the colour pink they won’t think twice. That’s why a lot of cell phone companies produce these very cute pink mobile phones. Most of the pink phones don’t lack technical equipment like bluetooth and cameras.

pink samsung oopshi com.jpg

Motorola came up with the pink razor.Samsung produced a special pink phone, the samsung x650 for pink ribbon. Brands like sony erricson, LG, Nokia and panasonic produced pink phones in a jiffy. It seems like its a fashion rule, every fashionista needs to have a pink mobile gadget!

pink mobile oopshi com.jpg

The Motorola KRZR K1

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The motorola KRZR K1 is a very stylish mobile phone. Men are crazy about this mobile. Althought the KRZR K1 is a very thin phone you can get a good grip on it. This is key for most men. The Motorola is also loved by women because of it’s cool design. The KRZR K1 supports: bluetooth, GPRS class 10, wap 2.0, usb and has a camera. Reason enough to buy yourself this great mobile.

motorola KRZR K1 oopshi com.jpg

pucca, a picture of pucca

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Pucca is the new little girl in town. She’s 10-years old and her birthday is on the 7th of July. She has been created in Korea and everybody seems to love her. Pucca also has a boyfriend called Garu.

pucca garu2 oopshi.gif pucca garu oopshi.jpg

Love for Pucca seems to be so great that many gadgets of Pucca are sold all around the world. On the internet you can find loads of images of pucca. You can find Pucca wallpapers, Pucca galleries and a lot of sites even have Pucca flash! This Pucca mania has just started, we will hear a lot more of Pucca and her boyfriend Garu of course.

Click here for more about Pucca

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bling bling mouses to decorate your desk

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There are more gadgets with swarovski on it nowadays, like the mouses in the picture below. They are available in the following colours: perdidot, light rose chrystal, light sapphire and clear/iridescent. You can also buy staplers and tape-dispensers with a lot of bling bling in them to match your mouse.

Who said working is dull, not with these items. You can buy them at Neiman Marcus Online.
bling mouse oopshi.jpg

Sushi Usb?

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Yummie, sushi, so delicious! Don’t let these snacks fool you… you better not take a bite from these little dishes. Why? Simply because they’re USB memory sticks. They look similar to the sushi’s from a sushi-bar. One of them, a so called shumai dish, has 128 MB of memory and costs about 50 euro’s.

To make things even more crazy, they sell spaghetti shaped cables as well.


Fluffer the iPod jacket

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Do you need a new winter coat, why not one for your iPod? The Fluffer, the winter coat for the iPod, is very fashionable. It’s very trendy because of it’s white fur collar (fake fur of course!).fluffer-ipod-jacket.jpg

Your iPod will not get scratched with this jacket, neither will your little toy get damaged. Don’t worry about your iPod catching a cold or get “frozen”, you can take your little pal with you if it’s freezingly cold outside!

Apple iPod Nano portable mp3 music player

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Name everything you like about the iPod, then you let it shrink a few times. This will result into an iPod Nano, the new design portable iPod, as thin as a pencil.

They are available in 2gb format (500 songs) and 4gb format (1000 songs), available in the colors black, white and pink. The Nano also lets you put images and play games.


One has 14 hours listening-pleasure with this little gadget, after which the battery of the Nano needs to be recharged to extend its life. The display shows the colour of the album you’re listening to, and it even shows your own pictures. People complain the most about the fact that the case is easily damaged by scrapes. This is a good reason to buy a special cover or skin for the Nano, to protect it from scratches and avoid these problems. If you buy an iPod, you will get a free cover and there is a plastic cover on top of the Nano itself. As long as you don’t take the plastic off, the Nano will stay just as perfect. The iPod Nano comes with many other accessories, like speakers (speaker docks), headphones, leather ipod cases, armbands, car adapters, fm transmitters (iTrip), waterproof cases, and separate chargers.

Besides the scratches, there are no further complaints about the iPod nano. It doesn’t seem to get broken that easily, this has been tested in the most weird manners you can think of. A couple of these tests were: throwing it out of the window and let it run over by a car. As for a few scratches on the Nano, the iPod was still working and playing it’s mp3’s! With the iPod Video is, as the name suggests, you can put your videos, besides music and photos.