The Gideon Luxury Six-Program Fully Customizable Back and Neck massaging cushion

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One of the the best back and neck massaging cushions out there is the Gideon Luxury Six-Program Fully Customizable Back and Neck massaging cushion.


We at oopshi tried it and it really means a difference. Especially people with back problems and aching necks will favour the Gideon massage cushion. The massage cushion is not only a life saving product for yourself, but also for your loved ones. So, it can be a welcome gift. The feeling of this Gideon massage cushion is as if a person massages your back. It’s pretty amazing. In the end it benefits your health, because great massages are great for your nerve system. So don’t wait any longer and get yourself and/or your loved ones this Gideon Back and Neck massage cushion. Your back will thank you ;-)

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The best Michael Jackson App: PlanetMJ in iTunes

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Mihael Jackson has moonwalked all over the world, from the age of 5 he toured everywhere, stayed in numerous hotels worldwide, visited many many stores and interacted with his loyal fans worldwide.

All these locations are amazingly bundled in one App! Just with the touch of your fingertips you swipe from one Michael Jackson location to the other and you will see beautifull streetviews. Check out Michael Jackson’s favourite things!

You experience a journey in Michael’s footsteps and maybe it will give you the opportunity to travel to these Michael Jackson locations.


Just download the Michael Jackson App : PlanetMJ in iTunes-soon for Android!


The best Michael Jackson App in the world

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Brace yourselves MJ fans, there is a new MJ Appp out there, the best, MJ worthy, state of the art and everything a MJ fan looks for!


This MJ App shows all the locations in the world where Michael Jackson set foot on, the millions od dollars MJ spent on charity worldwide, all of his concert locations, Michael jackson’s favourite things, his hotel locations worldwide. Best of all the App locates your location and easily you see spots where MJ was nearby your neighbourhood. Imagine the benefit of this App when you travel aroound the world where you can always track Michael Jackson spots everywhere you are. Enjoy the streetviews in 3D and moonwalk behind MJ to all his locations.

A large percentage of app proceedings will be donated to deprived children and animals worldwide.

This app is named PlanetMJ and is to be found in iTunes for iPhone and iPad. PlanetMj is soon to be released for Android.

You want this App for free and you own a MJ twitter page, facebookpage, website, Instagram or Pininterest please contact us and we will tell you how to get this MJ App planetMJ for free!

Bra and breast tips

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Every woman should wear a good bra, you shouldnt just pay attention weather your bra looks good. It has to fit as well. Your breasts need comfort and support, cause you have to work during the day and your breast follow you whereever you are.. Here are a few bra tips:
If your breast runneth over your bra, you defenitely need a new cup size. To avoid back fat you need to buy a smaller bra, the bra needs to be tighned lower as ussual on your back, this will let your back fat disappear. Your sweaters en t-shirts will look better on you! If you really don’t know which size you have , go to a better lingerie store and let them seize your bra size, then you know for sure!

Barack Obama vs Hilary Clinton

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Bill Clinton has taken his advocacy towards his wife Hilary to a whole new level. He could even lie when it comes to the elections. He makes lies about candidate Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq and blames Obama for oposing the war in Iraq; then she comes with a statement where she sais another thing that he is for the war in Iraq. Does Hilary Clinton really knows what she is saying? Hilary claimes that she will make healthcare better for everybody, but according to facts she was paid big bucks by inssurance companies to shut her mouth to prevent the social health care plan. She acted in the same way Bush had. Is Hilary a female Bush? It could be. So please vote for Barack Obama because he is the one candidate who works with poor people and really helps them. He could have been a very rich man today but he chose to help the poor and needy. Obama will make sure that America will get a better health care situation for all, he will help to accomplish world peace, is aim is not to bring other countries down but to create a friendly relationship with all the countries in the world, to respect them. Only this policy will help the United States to overcome poverty and can create a better america.There has always been poverty in the USA, but president Bush doesn’t care less. So please let us choose as citizens of the US, choose for ourselves, for a better environment, for our children, and many generations to come, choose a president who will be there for us people! Choose Obama, he is the right one , without any doubt. Let Hilary Clinton be where she is at , ler her be a lawyer or whatever. Choose for freedom and peace, choose Obama!


Use a good sports bra!

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Research has shown that breasts move about 8 cm when a person does some serious running. This is not good for your breasts. With a good sportsbra you can reduce the movement with 80 percent. So go to the shops and buy yourself a good sports bra! After 6 months you must replace your bra’s for new ones, because the elasticity of the bra’ s is not that good anymore. This can save you backproblems.

The diet of Dr. Oz

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Famous heart surgeon Dr.Oz, the doctor who frequently airs on the Oprah Winfrey show, has made a very healthy diet. He advises to eat a lot of tomatoes, which can help you to look younger. Coffee is not only a nice hot drink, but it helps you by activating your brains. Olive oil, he says, is very healthy and one should use it as a salad dressing in stead of mayonaise. A person should also sleep and exercise well, Dr.Oz says. This will make you stronger. This diet is not a real diet, it’s a way of living. Once you have tried it, you don’t go back to your old pattern of eating and living! Dr. Oz and his colleague Dr. Roizen have written a book, you the owners manual. This book is already a bestseller.

sleep disorder

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More than thousands of people every year have sleeping problems. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for feeling comfortable and fresh during the day. Unfortunatly not every one gets this so important sleep. You can name this problem a sleep disorder. Don’t visit a doctor for advise, cause he or she wil probably describe sleeping pills. These will not solve the problem , but they increase it; some people will get addicted to these drugs. It’s much better to try a more natural solution for your sleep problem, like drinking hot milk with honey. It’s also advisable to sleep in a quiet enviroment with no or little light, as light will disturb you in your sleep. Don’t drink coffee, tea or cola; these drinks have activating substances in them. Try to avoid stress, do things you like to relax. Let your mind come to rest. There are many natural ways to overcome a sleep disorder, the quickest way is often the bad way, like the previous mentioned pills.

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creme de la mer

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The most astonishing moisturizer, some may even call it a miracle in a jar, is creme de la mer.

creme de la mer 2 oopshi.jpg creme de la mer oopshi.jpg
Your skin will¬† become more softer than ever in a very short time when you use this miracle moisturizer. Even when you have a very dry skin. This creme de la mer product has been discovered by aerospace psysicist Dr. Max huber. Many years ago he had an accident when an experiment exploded and damaged his skin. Dr. Huber tried to help himself with experiments to make the perfect skin care product. The ingredients are a mix of vitamins, minerals and sea kelp. The distillation of this product is the big secret of the success of creme de la mer. Several years later creme de la mer was and still is a big name. Sharon Stone has already decided she couldn’t do without her creme de la mer.

For further information we advise you to have a look at the creme de la mer site.

Diets and losing weight

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Dieting can be done in many ways. We are overwhelmed with all sorts of promising diets. Diets are ways for losing weight, but also sports is an option. If you intend to follow a diet, make sure the diet is healthy, use sensible slimming. Dieting shouldn’t have the consequences of making you sick or ill in any way.


Also watch out for the well-known yoyo-effect, what’s off, must stay off!

A list of famous diets are:

– the Blood Group diet
– the Atkins diet
– the Moerman diet
– the South Beach diet
– the Cambridge Diet

The Atkins diet is based on consuming greases and endosperms. You are allowed to consume these elements unlimited. However, you must omit carbohydrates from your food pattern. The advantage of this diet is that it takes away your feeling of hunger. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is that you will gasp for carbohydrates from time to time, for example, bread.

The Moerman diet is based on foods with a high nutricious level. This diet is mainly invented for people who suffer from cancer, but people who would like to lose weight can also take advantage of this healthy diet. Granes, vegetables and fruit are very important in this diet. Mr. Moerman’s theory is not based on surgery and chemo therapy to remove the tumor from the body, but on consuming healthy food. There are major disadvantages of chemo-therapy according to Mr. Moerman and many risks involved with surgery; it increases the risk of cancer cells leaving the tumor and easily spreading¬† out through various parts of the body. These cells can settle down elsewhere and cause even more tumors. Chemotherapy doesn’t improve the bad condition of cancer patients, because not only bad cells are destroyed, also the good cells. The Moerman therapy is based on building in stead of destroying: the therapy increases the resistance of the patient.
The South Beach diet is similar to the Atkins diet, since you are also not allowed to eat carbohydrates or at least not that much as you used to. But with this diet, you consume all the nutricous elements, even a layer of carbohydrates.

On the internet you can find a lot of information on all these diets, as well as many recipes. Good luck!