The best Michael Jackson App: PlanetMJ in iTunes

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Mihael Jackson has moonwalked all over the world, from the age of 5 he toured everywhere, stayed in numerous hotels worldwide, visited many many stores and interacted with his loyal fans worldwide.

All these locations are amazingly bundled in one App! Just with the touch of your fingertips you swipe from one Michael Jackson location to the other and you will see beautifull streetviews. Check out Michael Jackson’s favourite things!

You experience a journey in Michael’s footsteps and maybe it will give you the opportunity to travel to these Michael Jackson locations.


Just download the Michael Jackson App : PlanetMJ in iTunes-soon for Android!


The best Michael Jackson App in the world

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Brace yourselves MJ fans, there is a new MJ Appp out there, the best, MJ worthy, state of the art and everything a MJ fan looks for!


This MJ App shows all the locations in the world where Michael Jackson set foot on, the millions od dollars MJ spent on charity worldwide, all of his concert locations, Michael jackson’s favourite things, his hotel locations worldwide. Best of all the App locates your location and easily you see spots where MJ was nearby your neighbourhood. Imagine the benefit of this App when you travel aroound the world where you can always track Michael Jackson spots everywhere you are. Enjoy the streetviews in 3D and moonwalk behind MJ to all his locations.

A large percentage of app proceedings will be donated to deprived children and animals worldwide.

This app is named PlanetMJ and is to be found in iTunes for iPhone and iPad. PlanetMj is soon to be released for Android.

You want this App for free and you own a MJ twitter page, facebookpage, website, Instagram or Pininterest please contact us and we will tell you how to get this MJ App planetMJ for free!

Katy Perry is Firework

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Katy Perry is an artist from a new generation, who was inspired by gospel songs. She became famous for songs like I kissed a girl and Firework. The song Firework was used in many shows and series.

Katy had the honour to perform as one of the main artists on the annual Victoria Secret 2010 show. Katy will appear in the upcoming movie The Smurfs and she wil make a tour. Katy is currently in a relationship with actor Russel Brand.

Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness

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Will Smith is definetely a brilliant actor. Not only in Ali he shows that he is a talented actor but also in the Pursuit of Happiness. He plays the character of Chris Gardener who had a rough life. He lost his wife, his house and his money. But still Chris tries to survive to raise his kid well. He struggles to make ends meet everyday and he aplies for a heavy training for stockbroker. Throughout all the strugglings Chris still holds on to his dream and doesn’t gives up. Go see this movie, it will inspire you !

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Superman returns

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Superman has returned after a very long stay at planet Krypton. This sequal to superman will blow you away. Even though this movie is 2,5 hours there’s never a dull moment.

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The opening of this movie is exactly like the one in 1978 and it will take you instantly to another experience, into another world. They used the original music which is awsome. Superman returns also has a slight of romance involved and it does not lack humor. The special effects look very natural on screen. And if you think that this means that this movie doesn’t has a great storyline,think again and watch the movie first before you judge!

More information is found on the original website.

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