Rapper Kayne West and Louis Vuitton?

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Kayne West will have his own shoe line within the brand Louis Vuitton.The rapper loves fashion and he’s looking forward to this.Louis Vuitton and Kayne West don’t want to give dettails on the subject of the men shoe wear, but we have reason enough to believe that the shoes will look special.Later this year kayne wil launch his women clothing line.

The Diary of Stewardess Mischa

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Hi Everybody

Ik work as an stewardess for an big airline with intercontinental flights. I just came back from my flight form Bangkok. The flight was fine, the passengers weren’t to annoying. As I work for an Dutch airline i flew from Amsterdam to Bankok. We Stayed in Thailand for an week after we flew back to Amsterdam schiphol airport. Me and mij co-workers went shopping in Thailand and als went sightseeing. There are beautifull temples over there. A week isn’t enough, so I m thinking to go on a holiday there. On the stretch bangkok-amsterdam there were 3 babies and one of them cried a lot. So we helped the mother with trying to calm him down. The mother told us that he had troubles with his ears, then I thought wy do you bring a little baby with ear problems on such a long flight? But soon the baby fell asleep and a long with him all the other passengers. As an flight attendant you have to walk a lot in the plane and prepare breakfast 3 hours before landing. This procedure also went smoothly. We had a pretty good flight and now Im back home and enjoying a break of one week. Do you want to become an stewardess and you want to know what it’s like, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer all your questions!

Take care, Mischa

Bra and breast tips

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Every woman should wear a good bra, you shouldnt just pay attention weather your bra looks good. It has to fit as well. Your breasts need comfort and support, cause you have to work during the day and your breast follow you whereever you are.. Here are a few bra tips:
If your breast runneth over your bra, you defenitely need a new cup size. To avoid back fat you need to buy a smaller bra, the bra needs to be tighned lower as ussual on your back, this will let your back fat disappear. Your sweaters en t-shirts will look better on you! If you really don’t know which size you have , go to a better lingerie store and let them seize your bra size, then you know for sure!

Gossip Girl

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At New York ,the upper east side, there are a few rich teenagers involved in complicated lives with love and hate. Jealousy is very common among these teen agers; who has the best boy or girlfriend? Whose parents are the most influenced rich people? Especially Serena is the most envied girl in the scene, there is a lot of gossip around this girl. Her former best friend Blair turned out to be her biggest enemy ever. Serena once had a fling with Blair’s former boyfriend as why Blair hates Serena this much. As Blair does have a perfect live , she has beauty , nice clothes and her friends adore her, her world seem to fall apart. Serena woodsen is played by Blake Lively, furthermore the following actors and actresses are a part of Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester(Blair),Penn Badgley(Dan), Chase Crawford(Nate Achibald),Jenny Humphrey(Taylor momsen).

Gossip Girl your favourite serie

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Gossip Girl is one of the latest series shown on tv. The makers of the OC, the Fresh Prince and the Nine made a new special great serie, especially girls will like it! This serie involves romance, good looking boys, parents, relation problems and lot’s off gossip. Gossip girl will be worth to watch!

Camilla Belle

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camilla-belle-oopshi-com.jpgOne of the new it girls in hollywood is Camilla Belle; this girl became a hit when she played a role in ” when a stranger calls” .Camilla has an american father and a brazillian mother. We will see a lot more of Camilla in the future !

Britney Spears on South Park?

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The pop singer Britney Spears wil appear on South Park this wednesday. The episode of south park will involve a parodied britney to be taken to the North Pole. Stan and Kyle will acompany Britney and she will be chased by papperazi; they will never leave Britney Spears be alone.

I’m not a plastic bag ; shopping bag or it-bag?

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I’m not a plastic bag was originally made to be a regular shopping bag,designed by the designer in bag land Anya Hindmarch. Originally this bag was worth five pounds, but as soon as they were a big succes at the box office, the fare of these bags were leveled up to more then 100 pounds. The bag made a huge fashion statement and now celebrities flunk with these Im not a plastic bag items.


Juicy Couture handbags

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The Juicy Couture handbags are very hot! These bags not only look cute , but they come in handy also. Some are that big that a bottle of water fits in them. Most of the latest models Juicy Couture handbags have a little mirror shaped like a heart. We just love these cute bags ; they come in almost every colour and are true eye-catchers!

Toe rings are beautifull

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Take a treat for yourself and buy yourself a luxurious toe ring. As the summer is comming up fast you have to show your feet more often in pretty open shoes; therefore toe rings look good ! A toe ring is simmilar to lingerie for your feet; not only it makes your feet look sexy but it is elegant as well. You can even buy toe rings with a diamond in them. Personalize your toes with precious toe rings!

Joran van der Sloot dumped body Nathalie in open sea

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In recordings from Peter R. de Vries and his team Joran confessed he let the body of Nathalie Holloway being dumped in the ocean. He stated that his friend dumped the body for him and he could rush home to go online on msn , just to have a alibi. He said that Nathalie was shaking and her body just stopped moving. He taught she was dead an panicked; immediately he calls his friend to arrive at the scene ( the beach) whom agreed to dump Nathalie’s body for him. The latest news on the Nathalie Holoway’s case is that Joran denies everything; he told the police that he was lying just to make a impression. Unfortunately for Joran nobody believes him. According to Peter R. de Vries this was a true confession as the recordings were taped by a hidden camera and Joran believed he talked to very good friend. This so called friend is called Patrick, a succesfull businessman, whom doesn’t regret to be a undercover person in this case, a matter a fact Patrick is proud that he could be a help to unraffel the truth arround the Nathalie Holloway case; “the boy shows no sense of remorse, he deserved this” Rumour has it that Peter R. de Vries will appear on Oprah. Heartbreaking was for Peter R de Vries to break the news to Nathalie’s mum, who was devestated. She cried after seeing the recordings, saying: he doesn’t even know she was alive. Please parents of young daughters; don’t sent your daughters away to have a vacation without any guardians; maybe there are more sick people like Joran walking arround on this earth.

Pentax Optio 8.1 megapixel compact camera

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The Pentax Optio 8.1 megapixel compact camera is a very interesting camera! With the summer comming up, you definetly want to take beautifull pictures. Therefore you need a good equipped camera. The Pentax Optio 8.1 will be a good choice;this camera automatically adjust exposure settings for your shots, difficult shots will look a lot clearer! On the 2.4 inch screen you can preview your photo. With the 8.1 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom your snapshots will become an easy task. Furthermore this Pentax camera looks modern and beautifull!


Barack Obama vs Hilary Clinton

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Bill Clinton has taken his advocacy towards his wife Hilary to a whole new level. He could even lie when it comes to the elections. He makes lies about candidate Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq and blames Obama for oposing the war in Iraq; then she comes with a statement where she sais another thing that he is for the war in Iraq. Does Hilary Clinton really knows what she is saying? Hilary claimes that she will make healthcare better for everybody, but according to facts she was paid big bucks by inssurance companies to shut her mouth to prevent the social health care plan. She acted in the same way Bush had. Is Hilary a female Bush? It could be. So please vote for Barack Obama because he is the one candidate who works with poor people and really helps them. He could have been a very rich man today but he chose to help the poor and needy. Obama will make sure that America will get a better health care situation for all, he will help to accomplish world peace, is aim is not to bring other countries down but to create a friendly relationship with all the countries in the world, to respect them. Only this policy will help the United States to overcome poverty and can create a better america.There has always been poverty in the USA, but president Bush doesn’t care less. So please let us choose as citizens of the US, choose for ourselves, for a better environment, for our children, and many generations to come, choose a president who will be there for us people! Choose Obama, he is the right one , without any doubt. Let Hilary Clinton be where she is at , ler her be a lawyer or whatever. Choose for freedom and peace, choose Obama!


Blue eye shadow with glitter

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Eye make up is extremely important and you can choose from many colours and shades. One of the eye shadow colours that practically looks good on everyone is the colour blue. If you want to create a beautifull look, choose different shades of blue. Update your eye shadow with sequins for a more radiant result. Please note that you have to paint your eyelashes with mascara;this can be either with a blue mascara or a black mascara. Succes guaranteed!

Fashion House Christian Dior

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christian dior oopshi com.jpg
Since the birth of Christian Dior in 1905 this name has not stopped being alive. Christian Dior has been a famous name related to the fashion industry since the last century. Christian opened the dior fashionhouse in 1946 en hired some catwalkmodels. His haute couture designs were beautifull and elegant. These designs were very populair in hollywood. In very short time there were businesses in new york and in london. In 1957 the fashion designer died and Yves Saint Laurent was the next fashion designer for dior. Yves finally departed en began a business on his own. Dior hired Marc Bohan as the new dior guru, but he didn’t succeeded to make good pret-a-porter collection. Finally when John Galliano took the lead Christian Dior was back in business, it’s as famous as it used to be back in 1946. John Galliano was inspired by the fifties, the exact era where Christian Dior itself had a lot of succes with his own designs. Galliano mixes tradition with modern elements. He is a succesfull designer for Dior since 1997. He designs the couture line, the pret-a-porter line and the cruise line.